Cleaning the oceans for a sustainable future

At Ai • saleslabs, we are continuously striving for future development and we also want to ensure that this future will be a bright and sustainable one.

Cleaning the oceans for a brighter future and monitoring our plastic footprint are crucial to managing our environmental impact and minimizing the amount of plastic entering our oceans. To achieve our goal, we partnered with Kings of the Ocean, an initiative dedicated to removing plastic waste from the oceans and preventing further pollution. With their assistance, we aim to significantly reduce oceanic plastic debris by engaging in cleanup operations across the globe.

The oceans are essential for the world and our survival. They contribute to the environment by regulating our climate, providing oxygen, and supporting a diverse range of marine life. Protecting and cleaning our oceans is an urgent matter to preserve their health and ensure the well-being of future generations.

We pull 10KG of plastic:

  • For every social selling and AI training
  • For every prize winner in a social selling program
  • For every social selling or AI keynote
  • Per 50 books sold
  • Whenever we feel like it

Take a look at Kings of the Ocean